What Next?

We have a large expanse of bi-folds doors across the back of our house which look out on to the garden. It’s one of the highlights of where we live.

They have integral blinds controlled by a handset. The handset broke early last week….with the blinds closed shut! The blind company said it could take three weeks to get the replacement from Italy. ‘They’re telling us worst case scenario’, we told ourselves. We’re still waiting..

But, it does keep us out of the garden!  The ‘No Dig’ calendar on our kitchen wall says no seed planting in January. You can spread compost on the soil, but otherwise leave it alone. Our garden is currently out of sight and out of mind.

Well, maybe not totally – indoors we are browsing metaphorical seed catalogues.

On Sunday evening, husband and I created vision boards to capture what we each REALLY want for our lives in the year ahead. It’s a process I’ve used for years. 

I now have a large A2 size visual on the noticeboard in front of my desk to help me navigate the months head. It’s something to hold lightly: a reference point when I’m choosing where to direct my efforts. A personal reality checker when I get caught up in ‘shoulds’ or ‘comparisonitis’. 

On Tuesday afternoon my daughter did one for herself too. Then on Wednesday I ran the first of this year’s vision boarding sessions for a group. Who knew gathering together on a Zoom screen, cutting and pasting could be so much fun!

It’s easy at this time year to feel a desire to get going and get doing. Yet here in the northern hemisphere, nature is still sleepy above ground. The energy is all below ground in the roots.

What would it look like for you to take time for your desires to unfold?

Something I read in Susan Jeffers’ book this morning about patience struck me,

The more we grab, the more it seems to elude us.

Susan Jeffers, Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

She describes an incident with her son: showing him how to plant a seed and telling him it will grow in to a flower. Later that day she came across him in his room staring at the flower. He was waiting for the flower to appear.

Maybe you feel you ‘should’ have got a start on things?

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated that stuff’s not happening?

Maybe you’re stuck because the landscape feels so different this year and you don’t feel able to make any long term plans?

Take your time, dear friend. Time to root yourself in what really matters to you.💖

Let’s flourish together!


Arlene x

Ps. The next visioning workshop is fully booked. I’m thinking about running another on the morning of Tuesday 26th January 10am -12pm. Email me if you’re interested.

Arlene Lyne

Arlene Francey Lyne

Coach, writer, mama, and raving fan of Mother Earth.
Life a work in progress: like a garden, it’s never finished!
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