When happiness and function meet

I am going through the workbook of A Course In Miracles this year. My way of tending to my spiritual soil. 

As well as reading the daily entry, I receive an email each morning which features Marianne Williamson reading the tract plus a few minutes of her thoughts and reflections on it. Possibly the best gift I’ve ever bought myself!

Wednesday’s entry was titled, My happiness and my function are one. 

The idea being that our ‘true’ function can only be something which we feel happy about. Why would it be anything else?

I was particularly intrigued by this one.🤔

I made a list of when I have felt happy.

It has been a revelation what is on the list…and what isn’t!

Specific holidays and mini-breaks with significant others.

Firsts and experiences with our daughter.

Making stuff in my teenage years – earrings and a particular skirt with a jungle print.

Walking in mountains, cycle trips and wild swimming.

Gardening – without agenda!

My first job working in an arts organisation and a later stint I did at The National Theatre. 

Marianne Williamson suggested that when we look, at the intersection of happiness and function lies love and creativity.

I drew two overlapping circles, happiness and function, and considered each item on my happiness list.

It’s true! I was either creating something or creating memories. I was either with someone I love or loving what I was doing. 

This concept feels profound and timely for me. 

I’m in the process of giving myself permission to pursue what makes me happy in my work. I’ve made a list of what happy work offerings might look like. Watch this space for what unfolds!

For now, I wonder, what do you notice when you ask yourself the question,

When have I been happy?

I’d love to hear what you uncover for yourself.

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

Arlene Lyne

Arlene Francey Lyne

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