Be More Mull

I’ve always enjoyed the space of a journey. Be that in the air looking out at clouds or watching countryside whizzing by on an intercity train, I love the feeling of being suspended in time. 

This weekend it was a long car journey winding our way back through the landscapes of Scotland and the north of England: glens, lochs, the Galloway hills, views of the Lake District and the Pennines (highlight of the M6 motorway!), the Yorkshire Dales….

As we grew closer to home, our conversation naturally moving to what we want to take forward.

Holiday journeys are traditionally when we’ve made big decisions, like phoning up the adoption agency and saying we’d like to start the process💕. On another realising we didn’t want to go ahead with the house sale and relocation we were already invested in😳.

This time? How to ‘be more Mull’ in our everyday.🤔

Our week on the island was like one long meditation… nature documentary style! Eating lunch beside a colony of puffins, spotting a golden eagle pair and their chicks one day and a Minke whale the next. A sense of space and ease in the days.

Today I’m in that post-holiday space where all the stuff I pressed ‘pause’ on comes flooding back in…. including a broken shower and toilet!😩

But as I create my week I have written ‘Integration’ at the top of the page.

Whatever your week looks like, I hope you too can find ways to integrate some Mull into it.🧘🏻‍♀️🐳

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

Arlene Lyne

Arlene Francey Lyne

Coach, writer, mama, and raving fan of Mother Earth.
Life a work in progress: like a garden, it’s never finished!
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