Self-Care Saturday

How does self care occur to you?

A selfish indulgence? Another ‘should’ on the To Do list? Or simply too far out of reach…like a spa day in Crete?!?

I’m writing this on Friday morning, in my dressing gown with a hair treatment and towel turban on my head. Yep, a gentle work session was what I needed this morning.

Cheryl Richardson is my inspiration and virtual mentor in this area.

Her book, The Art of Extreme Self Care, is filled with practical strategies to help you move beyond frustration, resentment and burn out. ‘The Absolute No List’ is one of my personal favourites!

If you find yourself feeling a bit off this weekend, ask yourself, 

What am I yearning for?

What do I need more of?

What do I need less of?

How can I make that accessible for myself?

Wishing you some TLC this weekend, however that looks for you.😘

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

Arlene Lyne

Arlene Francey Lyne

Coach, writer, mama, and raving fan of Mother Earth.
Life a work in progress: like a garden, it’s never finished!
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