Uncovering Your 2022

It’s been a while…

Autumn turned out to be the start of a Creative Writing MA for me✍🏼

AND running my first online coaching circle for women writer… which was awesome BTW!🤩 All about setting your life up to make time for your writing. If that’s something you’re up for in 2022, the next one starts on Monday, and you can access details here.

Maybe you’re still unsure what to focus on in 2022? Perhaps you have lots of ideas about what you COULD do this year? Or maybe it all feels like a big confused ball of uncertainty.

Which brings me to how you can uncover what matters most to you. Here’s my approach,

I give myself permission to dream’ in the weeks running up to the winter solstice – that’s from early November through until 21st December. I find it’s a rich time when ideas come thick and fast. I simply note them down, trusting that it will become clear in January.

Then I have a pause – I think of it as a restorative sleep!💤 – and take two weeks off for a festive break.

I (start to) wake up around 6th January.

Then I do a collage. I do it under timed conditions to help keep the conscious mind in check and allow my deeper wisdom to make choices about what goes on there…and what doesn’t!

Top tip? I allow myself to be surprised😳

Then I put the collage in a prominent place where I’ll see it every day.

It acts as a reminder to my subconscious about what’s truly important; a veritable compass to help me stay true to myself.

The reason I’ve done this every year for the past decade? Because it works for me.😄

I’m super pumped about this year’s. Looks like more coaching programmes are on the horizon!

Participants will be doing their own ones at the first session of the next coaching circle on Monday. All part of creating a strong foundation for their writing practice to flourish in 2022.🙌

This week I’m putting plans in place for offerings throughout the year.

I’ll be in touch again over the coming weeks with details.

In the meantime I wonder, how can you prioritise what matters to you this year?

Let’s flourish together!💕

Arlene x

PS. one of the autumn participants did a wonderful write up which brings to life what the coaching circle is all about. You can read it here.

PPS. if you know another who might be interested, please pass on details. Thank you🙏🏼

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

Arlene Lyne

Arlene Francey Lyne

Coach, writer, mama, and raving fan of Mother Earth.
Life a work in progress: like a garden, it’s never finished!
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