Autumn Coaching Circle

Do you feel stuck in a rut?  Would you love to transform an area of your life this autumn? To start believing in yourself as someone who can and does?

If so, then I am launching a small group coaching circle comprised of 5 women. Read on for more details...

Who is it for?

Women who want to create a great life for themselves, starting with transforming one area of their life over the next 3 months, and who believe that it will be more fun doing so with others. 

You would welcome some dedicated support achieving this for yourself. You are committed to taking action and ready to do so. 

What is it?

A small group of 5 women will get together with me twice a month to work on an area of their life.  This could be any area from fitness to a creative project to a work goal to overall life balance.

We’ll meet for 6 x two hour sessions.

We’ll cover the following:

  • In the first session, we’ll start by looking at what it is you REALLY want to accomplish for yourself over the next 3 months. You’ll be guided though creating your desired outcome.
  • At each session you will create a set of realistic actions for the next 2 weeks that are consistent with your desired outcome.  In this way you will break it down in to chunks for yourself.
  • At the start of each following session we’ll start by recapping what has worked, what you’d do differently next time and what you’ve learnt since the last session.
  • This will help us to uncover your limiting beliefs: those old familiar ways of being that hold you back.  You know, the ones that have become so familiar they sometimes feel like they’re an intrinsic part of you.  You’ll notice them AND, most importantly, start to reclaim your power over them. 
  • Along the way, you’ll look at what skills you may need to address. This could be anything from improving your weekly planning, to learning how to swim, to mastering a new technology. 
  • Underpinning all of this will be a recognition of the importance of self care. We’ll ongoingly consider how to take care of your energy to ensure a strong foundation upon which your life can flourish.


We’ll meet twice a month on the following Thursdays from 10am – midday:

23rd September

7th October

21st October

11th November

25th November

9th December

Please note arrival from 9:45am to ensure a prompt 10am start time.


The sessions will take place via Zoom.


As with all coaching, this will be a space to honour yourself and your true priorities.  By signing up for this you’re choosing to step off your repetitive ‘hamster wheel’.  The coaching circle will provide a space for clarity, and support you in staying focused and motivated.  Ultimately, it’s about you starting to know yourself as someone who can and does.  

As well as being part of a team and having women root for each other, there’s a magical power inherent in being coached in a small group.  The sessions will be balanced to ensure time to cover your area plus you benefit from witnessing others being coached: those ‘ah, ha’ moments when you realise you could also use that idea they’ve just had.

Finally, it as an affordable way for those who want to access ongoing powerful coaching for themselves to do so.

How much does it cost?

£250 per woman AND you can pay in 3 instalments: £100 at the time of booking and £75 due 1stOctober & 1stNovember.

To book, or find out more, please email me on

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

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