A small group coaching programme for midlife women writers

Autumn 2022

Is writing something you want to honour in YOUR next chapter of life? Have you been struggling to make time for it? Perhaps you’re a professional procrastinator? Or afraid you’re not good enough?

What if you could have,

  • a dedicated space each week to stay motivated and on track?
  • an experienced coach to help you move beyond your specific blocks?
  • a community of like-minded women rooting for you?
  • access to a new, GENTLE way of managing your time?

Arlene is offering an online group coaching programme for 3 – 5 women writers.

You can be at any stage of your writing journey, with any level of experience and working on any project. 

What’s included?

  • a 45 minutes 1-to-1 set up call 
  • 6 x bi-weekly group coaching sessions
  • an optional, drop-in hour each in-between week
  • a 30 minutes 1-to-1 booster session during the duration of the programme.

You’ll create your own overall goal for the duration of the programme and break it down into stepping stone goals. At each session we’ll recap on progress and set realistic actions for the next two weeks. Along the way we’ll cover, prioritisation, setting up your life to honour your writing, motivation, and dealing with limiting beliefs.


As with all coaching, this will be a space to honour yourself and your true priorities.  By signing up for this you’re choosing to step off your repetitive ‘hamster wheel’.  The Coaching Circle will provide a space for clarity, and support you in staying focused and motivated.  Ultimately, it’s about you starting to know yourself as someone who can and does.  

As well as being part of a team and having women writers root for each other, there’s a magical power inherent in being coached in a small group.  The sessions will be balanced to ensure time to cover your area, plus you benefit from witnessing others being coached; those ‘ah, ha’ moments which sparks an idea for you too.

Finally, it is an affordable way for those who want to access ongoing powerful coaching for themselves to do so.

It’s not,

  • about writing itself. If you’re looking for resources to develop your writing craft, there are lots of wonderful courses and mentors who can help with that. 
  • a one size fits all/how to type of programme. I don’t tell you what to do. 
  • a pumped up, ‘have-it–all’, 1980’s Working Girl approach. 

It is,

  • about creating space in your day-to-day life to honour your writing, developing and embedding the habits of being a writer, and dealing with what gets in the way of sitting down and writing. 
  • individual to you and your life. I help you create the actions that will move you forward on YOUR journey as a writer.
  • about ditching the ‘shoulds’, the perfectionism and the ‘comparisonitis’
  • about doing less, focusing on what matters most to you and being compassionate with yourself.


  • The bi-weekly group coaching sessions are on the following Mondays from 10am – 12pm GMT: 19th September, 3rd October, 17th October, 31st October, 14th November, 28th November.
  • Your 45 minutes 1-to-1 set up call is at a mutually convenient time during early September
  • Your 30 minutes 1–to–1 booster session is at a mutually convenient time during the programme.


All sessions take place online via Zoom.

How much does it cost?

£495 per woman. You can pay by 4 instalments.

How to book?

To be among the first to know when bookings open, please email arlene@arlenefl.com

Are you ready to take your writing off the ‘someday’ pile and make it happen? 

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

Here’s what one of the autumn 2021 participants had to say about their experience,

I have had writing mentors and even therapy about what was stopping me writing. This year I decided I had to do it finally, or stop trying. I am nearly fifty and I have never even written a book, never finished a manuscript. Not even a crappy first draft.

I saw Arlene’s advert and it got me interested. Maybe this is what I need, someone to help me get over myself, and my ‘blocks’ and get words on the page. The price was right, the timing was perfect, and I decided to sign up.

On 16 September I met my fellow course members. I had a first chapter of just over 5,000 words and I committed to writing 2500 words a week for the next two weeks. I set my overall goal that day too. I said that on the 2 December I would have a manuscript of 30,000 words. Secretly I dreamed of having 50,000 but is seemed out of my reach and impossible at the time.

Fast forward to twelve weeks later and I have a manuscript of 57,000 words!! That means I wrote 52,000 in 12 weeks, four thousand three hundred and fifty words a week, or 620 words a day. 620 words a day which I had never written in the last 35 years of me wanting to be a writer.

The small group works really well. Everyone has time to voice their successes and failures and Arlene encourages us to help each other out with ideas for practical problems and swap ideas. 

I have signed up for the next one in January, and in the meantime I am keeping the momentum going by using the methods that Arlene introduced to us, setting manageable goals to reach every two weeks in order to reach one overarching goal. 

Arlene is spiritual and practical, she won’t go into the whys or wherefores (but she will give you links to professionals or books to help with other deeper issues) and she will give you a personalized method to help empower you to achieve what you never dared dream was possible! 

If you have to choose one thing in 2022 to make your dream of being a writer real, choose this. Arlene will motivate and empower you beyond your wildest dreams. Writer’s block will become a distant memory and your fears and insecurities will take a back seat to make way for mind blowing action.

I cannot recommend it highly enough, a positive experience in every way. 

Georgia, Sicily. Autumn 2021 Coaching Circle.

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