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Welcoming the light

Got the January blues?🥶😔 Good news is that the light officially returns this week.☀️😆 Find out about the seasonal festival Imbolc, including simple ways to consciously embrace its energy and fire up your intentions. Continue reading

Root yourself

Feel like you ‘should” be off and running by now? Wondering why you haven’t yet figured out what you want to focus on this year? Fear not. you’re actually in tune with nature! Find out why now is the perfect time to uncover what your REALLY want and how to do so. Continue reading

Grow your creativity♥️

Want to honour your creativity in 2023? Perhaps you have a project you’d like to start or develop? But you’re wondering how to give it space and attention?🤔 Continue reading

3 steps to flourish in 2023

I like to go easy on myself in January – it’s still the dark time of the year. A slow start to the year is all part of having a flourishing year overall. In this week’s blog, I share the 3 simple steps you too can apply to ensure you flourish in 2023. Continue reading

Your seasonal review

Next week, Wednesday 21st, is Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere. The shortest day of the year. This week’s blog is an invitation to embrace this day as a natural time to review your year. Continue reading

Endings and Beginnings

The autumn round of The Circle group coaching programme came to a close last week. All of the participants had exceeded their goals!🎉🎉🎉 The next round starts in January 2023. It’s officially open for bookings! Continue reading


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Arlene Lyne

Arlene Francey Lyne

Coach, writer, mama, raving fan of Mother Earth.
Life a work in progress; like a garden, it’s never finished!
Sharing practical inspiration to help you tend to what matters💖

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