Collage your future

Create a collage (or vision board) of your heartfelt desires!

The use of time constraints is key – these help you to bypass your thinking mind and capture what it is that your REALLY want in your future.

In advance of your ‘date with yourself’, gather together the following,

  • a random pile of 10 magazines which you are happy to cut up.  These can be anything from fashion to lifestyle to sport – the more mixed the better.
  • a piece of A2 card
  • a glue stick
  • a pair of scissors
  • optional – coloured pens and/or pencils; glitter pen; star stickers
  • a timing device with an alarm

Create an hour of uninterrupted time for this exercise. You may wish to request that others do not disturb you.

Take a few moments to breath gently, centre yourself and clear your mind. Remind yourself of the intention behind your collage – a representation of your true desires for, overall life, creativity, work, fitness, relationship or whatever area you are focusing on. Commit to using this time to honour this exercise for yourself.

Set a 15 minutes alarm for yourself. Tear through the magazines, ripping, or cutting out, any images or words that draw you in some way. The aim is to do this quickly and keep moving on. You’ll choose which ones to use at the next stage.

When the alarm sounds, put the magazines away retaining just your stack of images and words.

Set a new 15 minutes alarm. Take the piece of A2 card and, with the help of your scissors and glue, arrange your images and words on to it in a way that pleases you. You may use only some of your clippings. You may also choose to embellish it with coloured pens and/or glitter. Remember, it’s your collage and however you do it is perfect!

At the end of 15 minutes, stand up, clear away the debris and make yourself a cuppa.

Come back and take a fresh look at your collage. What do you see? What is surprising by its presence? What is notable by its absence? You may wish to make some notes in your journal to capture these thoughts. 

Put the collage somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis. If wall space is difficult you could take a photo and use this, for example, as your screensaver.  Looking at it regularly will help you to stay connected to what it is you really want for yourself, and help you to stay motivated and take actions towards achieving it.

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x