Who You Truly Are

I am a big fan of soil.🙌

It’s the time of year for spreading a thick layer of compost over it and letting nature work her magic through the winter months – trusting the worms to restore its balance and vitality.

I’ve written before about my own journey to stop working the soil so hard and forcing it to produce. When we lived in a remote mountain area in Spain back in 2003, I observed farmers who treated it gently and were enjoying healthy, abundant crops…and siestas!

Earlier this month at the Gathering nature festival, I came across a writer who has also become a champion of soil. Sarah Langford’s book, Rooted: Stories of Life, Land and a Farming Revolution is the story of how she (re)discovered her relationship to farming and the soil, as well as a re-evaluation of modern farming practices.

The book weaves in stories of her farming ancestors and of other farmers she interviews. She brings alive the history and impact of farming practices over the last century, the tales of those (including herself) who are stepping outside the norms (think big machinery and fertilisers) and trialling simpler, more nature-friendly ways. At the same time, she manages to convey how there is no ‘right’answer.

I am grateful to Langford for using her voice and bringing this in to the world. I was left both with a compassion for those who farm, as well as a renewed sense of what’s possible when we act as stewards of the land. 👩🏻‍🌾🌏

Plus it is a reminder that small really is beautiful.♥️

Langford’s story is also one of farmers who farm against the odds because it is what they love.

In some way they are remembering, and staying true to who they are.

So in life!

Start with your ‘soil’. Observe what your body and soul needs this season, so that you avoid burnout and fatigue, and instead are vital and teeming with life.

And this week, keep remembering who you are. Keep doing what you love even when it doesn’t make sense in this value-distorted world.

You matter. Your creativity matters. Small is beautiful.

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

Arlene Lyne

Arlene Francey Lyne

Coach, writer, mama, raving fan of Mother Earth.
Life a work in progress; like a garden, it’s never finished!
Sharing practical inspiration to help you tend to what matters💖

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