You Matter🌟

I’m not quite at the stage of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character in Fleabag, but I do have an Obama crush.😊

I’ve recently finished reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography, Become, which has put the meat on the bones of said attraction.

Here’s 3 of the (many!) things I loved about it which shine a light and remind all of us that we matter.

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Embracing Spring Equinox

Tomorrow is Spring Equinox, one of the two points in the seasonal calendar when light and dark are in balance. The darkness holds the potential of our ideas and plans for the year ahead, just like the bulbs and seeds beneath the surface of the ground. The light, which increases from now on, helps them to grow and flourish.

We can embrace this potent energy and consider what we would like to bring back in to balance in our own life. Is there something you’d like to grow which would create more balance in your life? ⚖️

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To social media or not?

I’ve been social media-lite for about 18 months now. Partly a choice about where to allocate my precious heartbeats and also an underlying icky feeling.

I had a couple of instances during the last few months when I did make a foray. On both occasions I woke up the next day with a social media hangover.

Right now, I am in an enquiry: how to show up, connect and make a difference without using social?🤔

The new world will be created by those who are not afraid to be insecure. Pema Chodron

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Your personal roadmap

I saw masses of green bluebell shoots poking up in the woods this morning plus we’ve had a week of fair weather. Spring is definitely coming…isn’t it?!

I can’t help noticing the parallels with this week’s announcement here in the UK for a roadmap out of lockdown.

Regardless of how things unfold, things are changing (again!) from 8th March. As someone who works with women in transition, one thing I know is that transitions are icky!

I’ve created a very special package to help YOU navigate the months ahead.

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