Your personal roadmap

I saw masses of green bluebell shoots poking up in the woods this morning plus we’ve had a week of fair weather. Spring is definitely coming…isn’t it?!

I can’t help noticing the parallels with this week’s announcement here in the UK for a roadmap out of lockdown.

Regardless of how things unfold, things are changing (again!) from 8th March. As someone who works with women in transition, one thing I know is that transitions are icky!

I’ve created a very special package to help YOU navigate the months ahead.

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From dreaming to action

Out on the land there are signs of new life. Magnolia buds in the garden. In the woods this morning my first sighting of a clump of snowdrops.

These herald the start of all the spring bulbs to come and are the flower associated with Imbolc, the Celtic festival which marks this transition here in the northern hemisphere.

It’s a time when we shift from dreaming in to action: from browsing for ideas, to making some choices.

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Waking Up…

The mornings are getting lighter. The waking up slowly begins.

Like a bear who yawns, opens one eye, then the other, gives them a rub and peers out of her cave, some things are coming in to view.

I’m still hunkered down and enjoying soups and casseroles, but also thinking now about February and beyond – the growing season – and starting to make choices.

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What Next?

It’s easy at this time year to feel a desire to get going and get doing. Yet here in the northern hemisphere, nature is still sleepy above ground. The energy is all below ground in the roots.

The ‘No Dig’ calendar on our kitchen wall says no seed planting in January. You can spread compost on the soil, but otherwise leave it alone.

Indoors though we can browse our metaphorical seed catalogues.

On Sunday evening, husband and I created vision boards to capture what we each REALLY want for our lives in the year ahead. It’s a process I’ve used for years.

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Completing the year powerfully

It’s easy, and understandable, to just want want this year to be over, to cross everything and hope that next year will be different.😳🤞

In so doing, might you be missing the opportunity to acknowledge and feel good about yourself? Also, to let go of ways of habits that no longer serve you? What we resist persists and all that!

Over the next couple of weeks, in our family, we’ll reflect gently on the year that was. 

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